VRUoT Virtual Reality Universe of Things

VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) technology gives you the impression that you are in a world where you are physically absent. This perception of reality in the VR world is called immersion. Immersion is a state of mind in an individual’s awareness; where the mind is led to believe in the physical existence of a virtual world. This is done by digitally positioning the user in a virtual environment that may consist of sounds, images and other stimuli. This VR environment brings anything can we imagine to life.

VR technology is not a toy or fad only adored by kids. There are numerous examples of real world adoption of VR technology especially with corporations. Most recently was Intel’s’ collaboration with the 2018 Winter Olympics1. This coverage brought unique and up-close perspectives to VR users that traditionally “tv” viewers would not be able to experience. As of 2018 over 70% of the wealthiest brands listed by Forbes have as at today created a product in the form of Virtual Reality[RQ1] .

Many are quick to conclude that VR is expensive, and companies have indeed spent millions of dollars in creating the VR experience. But these companies are also trying to bring this technology into mass adoption with low cost options such as the Samsung GearVR.

VR has achieved amazing feats such as travel experiences. Imagine how many have dreamt of travelling to Dubai, the Bahamas, Italy or some other great tourist attraction but have never been able to make the trip. VR technology has made such things that seem impossible into a reality, by giving virtual experiences that seems almost as realistic as the real thing. With VR; the imagination is the limit. How would you like to own your island in Hawaii or have your artwork displayed in the Louvre museum?

Our goal at VRUoT is to innovate new creative ideas impacting the VR space. By allowing you to fully harness VR’s true potentials.

1 https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/sports/olympic-games/true-VR.html