#DApp Gen1

VRintelligentART is a decentralized artform, created from human input, sent through an algorithm, and forged into a unique work of art. Each image is encrypted, identifying the creator and the geolocation of the image, working to protect copyright information and reduce privacy. With ownership secured and verified through the Bitmark public blockchain, you can easily and effectively prove ownership and buy and sell your art in a frictionless, digital world.

As each work of art gets uploaded to Bitmark, the VRintelligentART database retains information about the properties of each work, fine-tuning our inputs, and creating future feature sets that can be used in VR (virtual reality) environments, using TensorFlow AI.

Start your Digital Estate today - with trillions of unique outputs, fill out the contact form to purchase your own VRintelligentART work of art today!

Why Bitmark?

“Bitmark’s vision is to bring the digital revolution to full realization when everyone has the power to generate wealth from the data they produce. This power comes from restoring our freedom in our digital lives by allowing us to assert ownership over our data and digital assets.

“Freedom and economic prosperity means property ownership and accumulation of wealth. But increasingly the stuff we create and value most exists only in our digital lives, where there’s no system for individual ownership. Bitmark’s mission is to empower universal digital ownership so we can live free online. To get there, we are making simple tools that help you to interact with Bitmark’s universal ownership ecosystem. These tools will enable a new level of control and freedom over your digital life.

The power of property rights gives us agency over our data in turn promoting a healthy digital environment for those of us who inhabit it now and for generations to come.” [RQ1]

1 https://bitmark.com/